Pre-Europe Post 1

Hi everyone!

As you probably know Grant and I are going on a mission trip to Europe! We are leaving April 15 and coming back on May 31! That is less than three months away!! We are flying in and out of Dublin. The plan now is to spend the first few weeks in Ireland then moving to the mainland and taking our mission to the rest of Europe. We still have a lot of money to raise in order to do this!

So what's the mission?
There are a few parts to the mission of the trip. The main part, (obviously) is to follow God and do what He asks us to. We want to go where the people are. The mission style we are taking on is very relational. We want to have conversations with people and bring up God and His love in a very natural way. We hope to help people in any way we can. We have been contacting local churches in Europe so that we may join with them in their efforts. Our main goal is to show God to people everywhere we go.

While we are there I will be filming a documentary. Film is a passion of mine, and I think it is one of the gifts God has given me. I am excited to have a way to use this gift for God. The vision for the documentary I am making is for it to have two parts. One part will be focused on outreach. For this part I want to film people from all over the world, both locals and other travelers, answering the question "what is love?" I got the idea from the video project called fifty people one question. While my video will not be exactly like that, or done with as nice of equipment, it has been inspired by that.

The other part of my film is more an inreach project. It will be aimed for young Christians. It is inspired by a quote by Oswald Chambers author of My Upmost For His Highest "We are made perfectly fit for the purpose of God...Beware lest you forget God's purpose for your life." I want it to show people that God has given you gifts and the best way you can show people God is to use the gifts God has given you. I will be doing this on our trip. I want to show in my film that my gifts are not the traditional "gifts of evangelism" but they still can be used to show people God. Documentary's have a tendency of changing from what the original vision is, so when I get to Europe if God gives me another story to explore I will listen to Him.

We still have literally thousands of dollars to raise for us to be able to go. I have faith that God will provide. God has worked out everything so far, and I believe He will continue to do so. If you want to be a part of sending us over to Europe we would greatly appreciate it.
Checks can be mailed to:

Garnett Church of Christ
c/o Deanie Johnson
12000 E. 31st St.
Tulsa OK 74146


We would be honored if you keep us in your prayers as we are preparing for this trip as well as while we are in Europe.

Thank you for your support.


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